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Through the online platform, this project will integrate and provide valuable information related to innovative entrepreneurship and market, such as early-stage investment market dynamics, perspectives on the startup ecosystem, and latest ideas of technologies and media. It will help innovative entrepreneurs and angel investors to grasp the trends of startup and capital effectively, to eliminate the asymmetric information between fund providers and raisers. Also, through online platform channels, the project is connecting multiple offline activities to further promote the matching of innovative entrepreneurship fundraising and counseling, integrate early-stage investment resources at home and abroad, and strengthen the knowledge and ability needed for entrepreneurship planning and fund-raising, turning online resources into concrete results.

In the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship, capital plays a vital role. However, the information efficiency of the early-stage investment market is an urgent problem to be solved. Startups often have difficulties in grasping the market outlook, investor information, innovation trends, and business opportunities, as well as suitable funding channels. Besides, investors need more entrepreneurship teams with quality, potential targets, and more comprehensive trend insights. However, expensive information cost hinders the development of the startup environment.

To help innovative entrepreneurs and investors grasp market trends and business opportunities, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research undertook the "Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Value Innovation Application Project" of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, in 2015. An early-stage fundraising information platform (FINDIT) has been built to collect information on reward-based and equity-based crowdfunding, so as to eliminate the risk of entrepreneurship and investment due to the lack of information transparency. In 2017, further information on equity investment transactions was included to make the early-stage investment information on FINDIT platform more representative. In 2018, a formal data authorization contract was signed with Crunchbase, and a membership system was implemented. Driven by the development of big data analytics tools and high-quality research on the FINDIT platform, FINDIT has gradually gained traction in the field of early-stage investment. In 2017 and 2018, Angels and Startup Resources Platform and Investment Matching Platform have been merged one after another, and FINDIT platform has become one of the most representative early investment information platforms in Taiwan.

In 2019, the FINDIT platform belongs to the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration's Innovative Financing Intelligent Support Project. Its development goal has been transformed from the former database platform to the fundraising assistance platform. Through user interviews and workshops, we learn about the most popular content on the platform. For example, trend reports, matching performance, and fundraising gadgets. Through the comprehensive optimization of UI/UX, we can improve the searching efficiency and further enhance the comfort of reading. Meanwhile, this year we specially planned the section "Successful Matchups". The intention is not only to let users know more about the matching performance of the FINDIT team, but also to boost the image of platform transformation. In the future, we will also launch chatbots based on expert systems, providing users with essential 24/7 intelligent services. The dedicated section, "FINDIT VIP", will be added to provide critical information that startups and investors concern and need. Also, we'll enhance platform interaction online and offline to collect user behavior data further to build intelligent recommender systems.

We look forward to a continuously optimized FINDIT platform to help startups and investors at home and abroad more easily access to critical information of early-stage investment, and create a win-win situation for matching fundraising and investment.