• 活動介紹:

為讓新創企業與投資人建立聯繫與直接交流的機會,本屆2019國際天使與創業投資峰會除安排新創企業展示之外,更將於峰會當日(8/28)下午舉辦投資媒合閃約(Speed Dating)活動,以「10分鐘1對1對談」方式進行,讓參與展示的新創企業能與投資者有更深入的互動。 由於名額有限,本次活動預計邀集30家國內外投資機構出席,公開徵選30家科技新創企業進行對談。上午論壇預計於七月開放報名,再請密切關注!

  • 媒合成果:
  1. 國際峰會每年有超過100家新創報名,過去三年總促投金額約新台幣7.4075億元,新創獲投比例約16%。
  2.  2018年共41家新創與28家投資機構參與閃約,共6家新創透過峰會獲得投資,例如VIASWEAT(怡恆股份有限公司)等。




  • 時間:108年8月28日(星期三)
  • 地點:張榮發基金會- 6F國際會議中心
  • 活動官網:2019國際天使與創業投資峰會
  • 報名方式: 請於7/1(一) 24:00前完成報名報名請點我 (填寫前請詳閱注意事項)
  • 報名資格:不限領域、科技新創(技術或商業模式創新)、B輪前(含)、不限成立年分的新創企業,惟一家公司僅限提交一份募資計畫案。資料填寫完整有助於後續書面審查。
  • 錄取標準:將以BP撰寫內容做為審查依據。另為鼓勵新進團隊,本次活動將優先錄取未曾於2018/1/1-2019/6/30期間入選FINDIT團隊所舉辦投資媒合會(包含2018國際峰會閃約、春季媒合會、5/15中部媒合會、6/19南部媒合會等)之新創企業。
  • 請留意:報名免費!!! 將錄取30家新創企業,一對一與投資人進行10分鐘對談,錄取新創須於上午峰會擺設展示會攤位,攤位收費$5,000(含押金$3,000),上午實際出席者將退還押金$3,000。


As we aim to create opportunities for startups to interact individually with investors, there will be a Speed Dating in the afternoon of Aug. 28 (Wed.) at International Convention Center in Chang Yung-Fa Foundation; the activity will proceed in a series of “10-minute dating” .

Having 30 domestic and international investors present in total; we will openly select 30 startups to interact with investors .

  • Significant Matchup results:
  1. More than 100 startups sign up for the angel summit every year, investment amount reached NT$704 million, and 16 percent of startups received funding.
  2. In 2018, we have 41 startups and 28 investors participating speed dating, and 6 startups win the attention from the investors. They received investment in 2018 and 2019, such as VIASWEAT CO., LTD..
  • Date:2019, Aug 28 (Wed.)
  • Venue:International Convention Center (6F) in Chang Yung-Fa Foundation
  • Official website:2019 Angel Summit and Venture Investment
  • Registration:Click me to register (Deadline: July 1, 24:00) Please read the notification carefully
  • Qualification: Startups with its funding stages earlier than B series, regardless of industries and years of establishment, are all welcomed, yet innovative techniques and business model are required. Each company is restricted to apply one fundraising business plan only, and completeness of the registration form will definitely be a plus to the review afterwards.
  • Admission criteria: The evaluation will be carried out based on BP contents. To encourage participation from fresh startups, this event will prioritize startups who haven't been selected into any matchmaking conference held by FINDIT during 2018 Jan. 1 to 2019 June 30 (including but not limited to Spring matchmaking conference, Taichung matchmaking on May 15, Tainan matchmaking on June 19).
  • Note:Registration for speed dating is totally free of charge. 30 startups will be admitted to attend one-on-one meeting within 10 minutes. Admitted Startups should attend the exhibition in the morning, and each exhibition booth charges NT$5,000 (NT$3,000 security deposit included). The deposit will be returned afterwards.


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